Monday, January 18, 2016


Artist Amelia Giller for TIGERS to LILIES W 2016

Such a special way to commence this new year with one of artist/illustrator Amelia Giller's drawings for TIGERS to LILIES! I am so honored. The life cycle of an anemone, from sprout to it's last petal. This is a very special piece for me because it marks the beginning of something that I have wanted to do for a very long time: have seasonal postcards with different creatives showing me (you) what flowers/nature represents for them. I ask the question FLOWERS ARE...and they fill in the rest. They will be printed on 100% cotton cards and will have a limited run.

FLOWERS ARE...the heart in my drawings.  
Amelia Giller x TTL
Winter / Hiver 2016

Amelia, thank you so much!

Happy New Year dear readers and friends! Thank you for being so patient and supportive this past year. I am always so touched with your kind words and time. May this year be a healthy, wild, and loving year for you. May the wildflowers of your heart overgrow and reach the stars.

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