Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Courtney Reagor


I see work from artist such as Courtney Reagor and it just makes me feel like there is so much creativity out there, so much good stuff. This is work she did for the storefront of JF + Son in NY back in 2011. Of course I'm drawn to the plants but there is so much more going on. Still life's + fashion + art. I totally dig it. Check out her site and see for yourself.


  1. I think I remember these, actually! so very amazing. I love the framing of the photos, and they really do kind of look like paintings?! ps, hi Lili! this is Dana :) xo

  2. Oh wow Dana, how cool that you actually saw these in person! Such a neat concept of still life + photos + window displays.

    So nice to hear from you, btw. I hope to see you at the next workshop! Take care ;) xx

  3. these are rad!
    love the composition and styling!