Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Shalimar de la Tefu Tefu

me + v.v. photo by Kumi
This is the sweetest! Thank you so much Choko and Sonoko for this really sweet post. I met these sisters while they were traveling through different cities in California to do research on a lifestyle book they were working hard on. Their book and blog emphasizes the importance of eating fresh food (preferably raw and vegan), drinking green smoothies and living with more nature and peace. They want to bring this awareness throughout Japan. Everything that I too believe in. So I had them over for tea and cake and we shared wonderful conversation about this kind of lifestyle living. They also told me about their old 70 Volkswagen bus that they were in the process of turning into a juice bus to drive around Tokyo and deliver juices! They clipped some herbs from my garden and made me the best green smoothie I have ever had! I hope to get to spend more time with Sonoko and Choko when they are here next or perhaps when I finally make it out to Japan.

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