Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Flower Safari

My cunning friend Natalie knew just how to get me all fired up and swooning and filled with the kind of inspiration that keeps me from getting a solid night's rest: she sent this my way! HOW BRILLIANT is this art exhibit?? Look at those geometric plant holders. The floral chandeliers. The beautiful manner in which that incredibly exotic looking plant is pinned to the wall for all to observe and admire. I am simply in awe. Furthermore, this happened in Capetown, South Africa. 

OK, how about a little back story here: I don't think that I have ever shared with you how much I love South Africa. Elijah and I traveled throughout that wondrous country for nearly three months in a car and fell so deeply, madly in love with the country. I actually long to be there. Really and truly. That being said it makes my heart burst with joy when I see such creative talent coming out and getting recognition. Please take a moment and visit Mariah of Size Too Small and see some of the magic that is happening there. She is the one who styled Flower Safari and made the floral chandeliers. I am a fan of hers and really appreciate everything she shares, especially her experience as an American living in Capetown with her really beautiful little family.

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