Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Spencer Studio + TIGERS to LILIES

Friends! This is SUPER exciting! My super amazing and wonderful friend Lauren Spencer King of Spencer Studio (and the Sphinx & the Milky Way) has just added a series of incredibly stunning drawings that she did for our Summer FĂȘte this past summer. Lucky for us she is selling them in her shop! They are bold and delicate and simply put: breathtaking. What makes my heart spill over with joy is that she credits TIGERS to LILIES for the inspiration. Lauren, do you know what this does to my spirit?! Thank you dear friend.  You inspire me!

  This is a part of a collaboration that she and I worked on together. I couldn't be more honored and proud to show these. Seriously, grab yours now before they are all gone...


  1. AWWWW LILI!!!
    you are so full of joy and spirit and talent!
    endless inspiration!
    you weave wildflower magic!

    thank you for this sweet post!

  2. Hello Lili,
    I am glad to hear that!
    I know you are very talented person who can attract so many people.
    Please continue to show us your beautiful talents and spend time with your friends!
    Thanks a lot!!

  3. The drawings are so beautiful! Really inspiring!!

  4. Guess what? I have that bottom drawing in my office and I'm looking at it right now! Stefani gave it to me for my birthday. I like it even more now knowing where the inspiration for it is from!