Saturday, August 18, 2012

Natural Dye workshop with Krissy Morrison

Krissy knows exactly what she's doing. Very inspiring indeed...

Colour Plantae is her line/business/work

incredibly happy that Cheri could be here for this workshop

very sphinx & the milky way

some of the usual suspects...

This past Thursday was the last of the workshop series that I created: Midsummer Nights Crafts, all held at the incredibly encouraging Shelter Half. I have to say, it truly was a superlative note to end on! Krissy Morrison of Colour Plantae lead an extremely inspired and informative class on the process of natural dyeing and the capabilities that can come from this ancient and gentle practice. Walnuts, elderberries and sourgrass, all hand harvested and transformed into batches of dye. The results were absolutely awe-inspiring and stunning. I couldn't believe how beautiful all the different patterns and colors came out;  all so unique with such vibrant colors. My affinity for plants and nature are of such paramount importance to me, and to think that this could all come from the earth in such an noninvasive manner really has my full attention and interest. It is a such a peaceful process and extremely gratifying. Thank you so much Krissy for sharing your knowledge and skill with us and for doing so with such grace and lightness. You are a breath of fresh air. And thank you Shelter Half for allowing me to hold a space for these workshops in your incredibly fostering space.

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  1. How beautiful colors and patterns they are!!