Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Away we went

Silver Lake, June Lake Loop

Porcupine Peak, Yosemite


one tired pupsicle!

me and my bao, taking a nap under the birch trees after a picnic and swim in the lake!

peeking out from our tent

Mono Lake

Tuolumne Meadows, Yosemite

wildflowers of Yosemite---took everything in me to not pick them

I am so grateful to California and all her graceful beauty. It is so massive. Our road-trip last week was incredibly awe-inspiring and liberating (no cell reception). Nothing puts things into perspective quite like a return to nature, don't you think? I also have never swam in as many lakes, so clean, fresh and turquoise blue, than I did on this trip. Mother Nature, I love you. 

Wild lupine, mountain pennyroyal, larkspur, clover, phlox and poppies were in bloom in all the meadows and really was breathtaking. If only I could have a wildflower pop-up shop there...


  1. ahhh, i love it all! california is indeed such a glorious and magical place with such abundant and diverse nature. looks like an amazing trip! xoxo

  2. i know right? how utterly magical california is! thank you christine!

    xo lili

  3. what a beautiful trip. i was just discussing with my husband we need to take the kids next year now that they are older!!

  4. shellie, YES you must! it's too much of a beautiful gift to pass up. children need to experience as much of this as possible!

    hope you and yours are well and enjoying summer.
    so lovely to hear from you* xo lili

  5. this pics sent me right down memory lane - it's so vastly beautiful.
    and really, isn't that slow pace of life really what it's all about?!
    so glad you got to do that little trip, may there be many more!

  6. thank you so much Kelly! i couldn't agree more with your comment of a slower pace life ;)