Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Spirited Away

I had an entry all ready to go to share with you today of some of Richard Avedon's brilliant work that I picked up from the library yesterday until something much more dear and magical came through the mail...and so I decided instead to ask you this: Do you have a friend who is so close to you, her spirit so intertwined with yours that you can feel the connection from an ocean or two away? A friend that you only get to spend fleeting moments with and yet those moments are so full of life, zeal, love, light and enchantment that they imprint your soul forever to come? It's like we're spirit twins. Members of the same tribe with only mountains and clouds keeping us physically apart. We send each other smoke signals that travel great distances usually in the form of letters, oh but when they do arrive what beautiful suspension of time spent reading and re-reading each others messages and thoughts and aspirations! Other than that, I am always there having lunch with you. In whichever magical little park you can find us, I am under your tent. Thank you...kindred spirit.


  1. Nice blog!I´m in love with your stuff congratulations....

  2. oh I know this feeling very well! i have a few girls like that. its so true, months,even years could pass without seeing them but the connection is always sparkling, the thrill in the correspondence. your little picture bits are so pretty too. xo

  3. this is SO sweet

    you two are for sure two souls linked by love