Friday, October 7, 2011

Petit arrangements

I have a serious problem: I can't throw away flowers unless they're really, really dead. I'll make an arrangement last until all the petals fall off. My trick is to take the still living flowers and cut them down some (or a lot) and throw some wild greens and/or cut herbs in them. I love throwing some purple basil or oregano or mint in these teeny arrangements too. I think they're intimate and sweet and they smell really good. You can put them in a tiny vase or glass and put them somewhere that needs a little pick-me-up or a kiss of color. Try it and tell me what you think!

The last picture is of Osa, our latest member to join the farm. Elijah rescued her from an insanely busy street and after a good bath and some food, she was purring away and our hearts melted. Seriously, when you've already got three cats and a dog, what's one more, right...right?! Plus, how cute is her face. I'm such a sucker for animals. Wait until we get some land: it'll be fully on! Cows, chickens, a horse or two, V.V. and the cats, maybe some bunnies and a goat too.


  1. i have the same problem with flowers....

  2. ohhhhh... sounds so dreamy... *

    i totally want a farm with sheep - don't ask me why - but i have always wanted sheep... and i guess some bunnies would be ok too ;)

    love your little arrangements!
    I can attest that they are so sweet - and i love the one you made for me - it is still next to my bed.

    and it isn't a "problem" its a GIFT!

  3. ps - i also love that N(*click*)Osa made her appearance on the blog!

    she is so sweet!!! love her cute face!
    who could resist!?