Monday, September 26, 2011

There is a wonderfully fulfilling element to the beginning of the day when you wake up really early before the lazy sun extends it's rays, brush you teeth (and your hair) and hit the flower market to shop for a beloved client's home. It's even a bigger bonus when your darling neighbor Kelly decides to come along for the ride and high that comes with such a peaceful morning. A stop by Bottega Louie's on the way back home for a couple of americanos & gold dusted macaroons packaged in a beautiful pink box really sets the tone, you know? What a really, really lovely day.

Proteas & ivy greens might just be my new favorites and THEY LAST! Also in the flower mobile: Callas, Casablancas and French Anemones (of course)*


  1. sooooo pretty!

    what a fun morning you two gals had!
    love it!


  2. Ahhhh thanks Lil - that was the best morning !!!
    So curious what you made today for the house! xx