Sunday, March 6, 2011

The Monkey Flower Group

Yes, I just put up NINE photos from this lovely maiden's website sent to me by my lovely friend Olga (thank you again, Olga my sweet)! The Monkey Flower Group is Jaime Giorgi, a floral stylist in Napa, California, and her neighbors who provide her with the freshest (read: amazing) flowers and plants! All local. What a fantastic example of how we could run our businesses, right? Her eye and style is absolutely stellar and makes my heart beat a little too fast! Oh, and for every description of her designs, the first thing she writes is "made with love..." A girl after my own heart! Check out her blog too*

Designing with local plant materials is a good idea for all the same reasons that eating local food is: a lighter carbon footprint, stronger communities, and fresher products.
-Jaime Giorgi

p.s. I don't really like tulips and somehow her arrangement with the white tulips is stunning! Jaime, you are wonderful*

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