Saturday, January 8, 2011

Happy New Year!

Happy, merry 2011! I hope that all has gone swimmingly well so far! I'm excited and very much looking forward to this new year. My resolution is quite simple: have more fun! Instead of making a list of things that I need to do or improve on, I've decided to let go of all of that and simply make having more fun as my number 1 priority. Not that 2010 hasn't been a blast, but sometimes I feel like I let my serious side have the upper hand. So this year, in turn, more fun definitely equals more time, more laughs, more love, more light, more great food and the company of great friends and family, more adventures, more traveling, more flowers, & plants, more great books, more hikes with V.V., so much more photography, more trips to parks and faraway lands, more swimming in the ocean and yoga, more classes, oh how the list can go on! All this will surely alleviate my tight to-do list because it will grant me the space for more life which in turns equals more inspiration which fuels more creativity and finally fills me with more work and sense of accomplishment. Enough about me, tell me about what you would like to make of 2011...

* * * I wholeheartedly wish you a sincerely beautiful, healthy, loving year.* * *
xx, lili

(photo above thanks to Lula)


  1. happy new year....very pretty always seem to have the dreamiest ones here!

  2. happy new year riri! even though i was with you at midnight ;0)

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  4. Thank you both so much! For some reason I can only leave comment if I use Safari instead of Firefox! I'm sooo glad that I'm able to write! Shellie, HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! i can't wait to see where you go this year with your lovely blog! arana, je t'aime*

  5. That is the best New Years resolution ever! Cheers to living a more balanced life and making time for fun and adventure!