Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Sweet peas

I did a photo shoot today with sweet peas. I really like the idea of using tins as vases. Especially if they're colorful. The sweet peas I used were only 2 colors, pink & red, but there seems to be so much color because I got to use such colorful tins!

Anyways, it's starting to feel like Fall a bit which is nice. Pumpkin lattes are also nice : )


  1. Lili! I love your blog - and even more I love your flower arrangements - you're so talented & the fashion magazines as a backdrop is a brilliant idea & looks GORGEOUS...

  2. I love this idea! I've been perusing a lot of antique shops lately and am falling in love with all the lovely vintage tins. I haven't bought any because I couldn't think of how to display them, but now I know. Thanks!

  3. yeah, they are great. if you get a tin that is deep, fill it up with rocks and then put the flowers in, or you can even place a thin vase/cup inside too! it looks really splendid and colorful.