Sunday, August 31, 2014

...and after my workshop at The Ecology Center, I couldn't resist taking my étudiante Jessica + student Corrin + V.v. straight to Laguna Beach! How could we not? We feasted on some grilled fish tacos and then made a beeline to the warm sand, salty fresh air and turquoise blue water. It was such a perfect end to a perfect day! We took off our shoes and dipped our toes in the crashing shore-break while V.v. basked in the sun. Life is so beautiful.

Story-telling Through Flower Arranging / A TTL Workshop

A Story Told Through Wildflowers

My flower workshop at The Ecology Center exactly one week ago was incredibly fun and lifting! I am always so blown away by how well students can put flowers together, in their own voice, when given the chance! If you were there, thank you so kindly for being a part of this wonderful group of élèves! If you couldn't attend, then perhaps the next one. 

I always like to bake a little cake the night before class because I feel it's such a nice way to greet my students and start on a full belly. The class was based on a simple idea: telling a story/poem/haiku/thought through the manner which you arranged your flowers. Meaning, letting your arrangements speak for themselves! Seeing that our materials (lucky us - wildflowers picked from TEC's native gardens) had an expiration date, much like all of our lives, the stories didn't have to be perfect or linear or even needed to be understood by everyone. They were going to be present for a week at the most. They just needed to stem from an inner 'story' as opposed to a formulaic rule of how-to's, so that the student could connect with his/her floral creation. Hopefully this was freeing, leaving the student to channel some inner creative guidance.

I have to admit to you, I got goose bumps and my heart swelled when I heard everyone share what their arrangements meant. We set all the finished pieces along the breezy porch and one by one everyone spoke. Some were funny, some were bold while others told of heartache and  remembrance. A few represented food and a few others had bigger philosophies. All were incredibly heartfelt. So much so that I photographed all of them individually and will be releasing a little impromptu book of postcards with my student's floral creations + stories! A collection of stories as told through flowers, to send to someone you're thinking of through the mail! Much more on that - I am shooting to release this around the holidays and will have it on my website/shop too. 

Thank you again to everyone! I so thoroughly enjoyed everyone's story as told through their handpicked wildflowers. Bravo xx

 See more of the workshop H E R E.

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Seeds, not Bombs!

These flower boxes I created out of old military gun shipping crates. I am not a supporter of violence nor war. I wanted these living boxes to represent Seeds, Not Bombs! The containers themselves make for a great space to cultivate little gardens! They are then placed on top of one of our hand-welded stands and can be watered just like you would a regular garden box/garden! Should you be interested in one for your space, do email me. They will be available soon too through my website/shop. The one above is about four months old and is thriving.


Back in May, TIGERS to LILIES had the unique task of adding 'life' to the Unique LA event by bringing in plants/trees/flower boxes along with our brand of hand-welded plant stands. Unique LA is a  weekend mart for all creatives here in Los Angeles - a showcase and opportunity for local brands to introduce their products and shine. Working alongside one of my brothers, we managed to add some much needed green spirit to the large space and couldn't have been more proud!

I still operate from a family-base, meaning that when I need something designed/welded/built/created/delivered (sometimes by motorcycle!) I turn to either one of my adeptly skilled brothers, my husband Elijah, or my assistant Jessica. We are a tight unit and operate very well together. Something that I am quite proud of and most grateful for. 

Check out more photos H E R E !
Thank you again Unique LA! 

Friday, August 29, 2014

Mikael Jansson / MIXED MEDIA

Beautiful Vogue/Aug 2014 spread shot by photographer Mikael Jansson, featuring Liu Wen + Fei Fei Sun. 

Love the trompe l'oeile with the mirrors and blossoms.
Love the palette.
L O V E the short haircuts. A LOT.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Étudiante / My Student

Friends, I have something to share with you. I usually enjoy working solo. I don't like having to stop my thought processes to explain a thing or two or, well, having to stop period. Especially while I'm in the flow. However, a lovely flower-lover and extremely bright and diligent student happened to really carve a big place in my heart.

Just a little word about my étudiante, Jesscia: you are wonderful. You learn by observing + paying attention. It has been really wonderful watching you develop into your own while maintaining the very essence of what I have worked so hard to establish as the spirit of Tigers to Lilies. I am honored to have you by my side. Thank you for all of your hard work. It never goes unnoticed.

Our Fine Friends / TTL x FUNKHAUS

all photos above taken by Amy Jacobowitz 

 So stoked to be featured on FUNKHAUS' Our Fine Friends this week! Thank you so much boys + Amy J.! Read more about Tigers to Lilies atelier and a bit more about what it is I do H E R E !

Hope you're having a nice week + staying cool! Make sure your plants are getting enough water too!