Sunday, December 29, 2013

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Interior / Interior

Interior / Interior

listening to this album on the record player over and over.
it's a mellow synth band from Japan from the 80's.
play this for your plants! 

a great find, thank you Preston

Friday, December 20, 2013

Micheltorena Block Party / En Soie


couldn't have done it without Elijah's help (per usual)
Eleonore + Rafa, guardians of En Soie

these two xx . . . sigh

meanwhile over at Dream Collective. . .

and then over to our friends at Tomboy. . .
I made some hanging Christmas tree kokedamas for Tomboy! 

Last night, my Silver Lake neighborhood had a festive holiday block party : Micheltorena Block Party to be exact. It was so much fun, seeing everyone, eating home-baked Swiss cookies (thanks Eleonore!) and drinking wine while visiting friends and neighboring stores including En Soie, Clare Vivier, Dream Collective and Tomboy

The lovely couple Eleonore and Rafa of En Soie asked me to do a floral installation in celebration of the big event and gave me free reins. It was really great seeing my vision come to fruition under the parameter of 'holiday' yet without the usual holiday suspects (cedar, amaryllis, holly, etc...). My inspiration was a winter's forest with a kiss of California desert. I went with fresh seeded ivy, wild sumac, pineapple, magnolia, protea and banksia, white hellebores, eucalyptus pods and hot pink poinsettias! I included some of my gold-leafed jars to hang from a giant branch along with various wreaths to create illuminated floating mobiles and other hanging forest ephemera. Overall it was a really fun evening, and it felt really great seeing everyone while the mariachis serenaded us. It makes me (and Elijah) feel very fortunate to have such a strong community that supports the arts and creatives alike.

A great heartfelt thanks to Eleonore and Rafa and the entire staff at En Soie (you too Mete + Camille!) for granting me the honor. I had so much fun! If you need some Christmas gifts may I suggest you stop by En Soie for a dose of holiday spirit and magic - the store has some of the most beautiful goods I have yet seen here in LA. Truly superb taste.

                                                               Merci En Soie x

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Land of Fire and Ice

This Sunday will already mark our third week back home yet it feels like it was so long ago. I am still processing some film from our recent trip to Iceland, but in the meantime, here are a few pictures. Majestic doesn't even begin to describe the grandness that we witnessed. Have you been? If so, please do share your experience with me! If not, then please add Iceland, land of fire and ice, on your list of places to visit. It will change your spirit and leave such a deep impression.

more  h e r e

Sunday, December 1, 2013

image by (wildly talented) Brian Ferry

Elijah and I are back, well, almost. My heart and head are still lingering over in Iceland. The glaciers, snow-covered fjords, lagoons, heated swimming pools and waterslides, furry Icelandic horses, the northern lights, the silence, the darkness, the grandness, waterfalls. The list can go on.

I trust that you too had a wonderful Thanksgiving as well? Happy December 1st. Sorry if this post is a bit all over the place. I feel like I kind of am too. 

Thursday, November 14, 2013


Coba, Quintana Roo, México

Elijah and I are leaving this warm weather behind for an adventure to Iceland in a few hours! Cannot wait to share photos with you. I have wanted to visit this epic land now for a long while. I can barely keep from giggling with delight. Have you been?

See you in ten days!

Chamomile the sweetest

Remember in my plants anonymous post I mentioned the newest member to our farm:  

Chamomile Seis Quinoa

Allow me to formally introduce you to her. Friends, let me just tell you, she is as sweet as she looks. So gentle, so spirited and so soft. When V.v. and I found her, covered in cobwebs, she was merely four weeks old and starving. After a steady diet of raw goat's milk + honey and core wet food, she is holding her own court in the house. I'll leave it at that for now . . . I mean this is a blog about wildflowers and plants, right? Soon to be TIGERS TO LILIES : plants, wildflowers and catssssss!

Arts ReStore LA: Westwood Village

dear friend Claire's BOOK STAND

usual suspects in my work area
IKO IKO (you have to stop by)!

Kat & Roger ceramics + Emilie Halpern vases (swoon)

more Emilie Halpern vases + ceramics: makes my work easy

healthy plants over at IKO IKO !

Friends! Tell me that you already know about Arts ReStore LA: Westwood Village !! The ever so lovely and insanely prolific Jennifer Dodge Perry of E R M I E kindly asked me to do the flowers for the big opening night a couple of weeks ago. It was so much fun and such an honor!

If you haven't gone yet then you must! It's only up until November 24th so go! Get way more info here!

E R M I E x Weltenbueger
dosa mercantile

. . . to name a few

(Check out all the wonderful workshops that Jennifer has lined up here. I took the macramé one and it was one of the coolest workshops I have ever attended + I got to macramé my own plant hanger)!

G O ! ! !