Friday, February 21, 2014

and a few more shots from our recent trip to Iceland. Light leaks, expired 35mm film and an old camera are the only effects in these shots. So dreamy I keep dreaming of going back.

happy weekend friends!

Fly Me to the Moon / Verve Muisc Shoot

Just got some expired 35mm film back that I had shot over the Fall and thought that I would share. Nothing to do with flowers ;)


Directed by : Claire Cottrell
Featuring : Jasmine Croissant
Set Design : Lauren Spencer King

Thursday, February 20, 2014


Such beautiful images taken in Paris at the turn of the 20th century. Look at what their flower market looked like! Unreal. Can you imagine what it smelled like too? 

On another note, I am returning home to France for a few weeks next week. I haven't been back since this beautiful day. I am so very much looking forward to seeing my closest friends and family. And, meeting my new godchild. So much to look forward to.

(Thank you David for sharing these with me)

Thursday, February 13, 2014

xx BOOK STAND love xx

As though wildflowers + handcrafted vases + herbal DONUTS weren't sweet enough, BOOK STAND has handpicked a small collection of books on love + lust in honor of St. Valentine's for my temporary space at En Soie! I am terribly excited about this!!! Ladies and gentlemen: send your sweethearts this way, I've got you covered! What could possibly be better?

*Get here sooner than later because I might just buy up all the books - they are that good.

Woohoo see you tomorrow! 

11 - 8pm
En Soie / 3333 Sunset Blvd. 

x x x x

Tuesday, February 11, 2014


officially obsessed with GIFs . . .
02 - 14 - 14

TIGERS to LILIES temporary space @ En Soie


3333 Sunset Blvd. Los Angeles  90029 (Silver Lake)


11 - 8PM

I've got Eden's herbal donuts + handcrafted vases and a very special hand picked BOOK STAND selection of books on love + lust !

I'm hitting the flower fields early tomorrow morning and I am picking my flowers one stem at a time, all in the name of Saint Valentine! Please do come and get your sweetheart a truly extraordinary valentine this year! Woohoo!

* * deliveries are an option in LA area only * *

email me for more info :


Sunday, February 9, 2014


Valentine's week is amongst us! Let's get ready to loooove!

x x x x

I have wildflowers for you! Herbal donuts for you! Ceramic vases for you! And beautiful valentine's day postcards! All in my temporary space over at En Soie in Silver Lake. 

3333 Sunset Blvd. Los Angeles 90026   /  Email me for more info :

x  Let's have some wild fun  x

Friday, February 7, 2014

changes / movement / details

wildflower hunting this morning for valentine's day! one of my favorite things to do ;)

Hi friends, I just want to check in for a moment. A few new things:

* So, TIGERS to LILIES has a new logo. I really loved the old one but I felt it was time for a change, especially because I am in the middle of so many changes, so why not here too? I would really like to know what you think of it?

* I've been working hard on my website, which is still yet to be up, but I also have been working on this which I very much am happy about. Please have a visit and let me know your thoughts:

* I have been working a ton in my studio too, which means that I am taking a bit longer to respond to emails and comments, but please know that I appreciate all of them. I do. Have I ever mentioned to you that my spirit animal might just be the trusted snail...

* Lastly, this year for Valentine's Day I am trying to create something really unique and special. My friends over at En Soie have generously lent me their space and beautiful work table to hold a temporary space for TIGERS to LILIES on Valentine's Day. I am working hard to hunt down wildflowers that haven't been sprayed and are freely growing. Bouquets will be available at Cookbook Market in Echo Park, the Urban Radish downtown in the Arts District and over at Shelter Half on La Brea. I will be in-store personally at En Soie in Silver Lake to make bouquets per order. My wonderfully talented friend and chef extraordinaire Eden Batki is preparing to bake herbal donuts too, available to pre-order or to simply purchase at En Soie day-of. Seriously waaay stoked about this combination: wildflowers + donuts! Two of my favorite things! Shoot me an email if you would like more details -- we are creating the flavors of the donuts over the weekend and I will know more by the end of the weekend. Many more details on Monday!

I think that covers mostly everything. Excuse the verbose entry today. Lots to share. Thank you for visiting and for your support. Always, Lili x

VALENTINE'S DAY: Donuts + Wildflowers!

Pretty big deal that VALENTINE'S DAY is a week away! Here's what will be going on! Exciting!

xx, tigrelili

Wednesday, February 5, 2014


monochromatic wildflowers indeed!

the beautiful Henbane watercolor + Love Totem drawing by artist Lauren Spencer King

kittens and kale!
Mallory! That dress! That hair! That spirit!

 lovely Leigh Patterson of synonym journal

captivating us as usual, Dana!
sweetest little boy showing us his moon fish collection

lovely, lovely photographer Stella Berkofsky
What a weekend we had over at the L.A. Art Book Fair at MoCA Geffen Contemporary in Little Tokyo! Leigh and I were in charge of the BOOK STAND table all weekend long and it was so much fun! The theme that Claire so cleverly created for BOOK STAND was one color : pink. We got to:

• meet the loveliest bunch of people
• part stacks of books aside to set up a temporary flower shop + sell monochromatic pink flowers (!)
• share all of our favorite artists / photographs / books / journals that fell under the pink umbrella
• drink strawberry-silver-milk from Moon Juice
• stare at Mark Borthwick's 'all the best bird`s feel her' poster over at Jane & Jeremy stand
• spotting Yolandi Visser of Die Antwoord  nearby getting a book signed
• dress in shades of blush and pink all in the name of pink
• witness a very special moon fish collection
• got to see/touch base with so many friends that we hadn't seen in a long while
• got to enjoy (finally) some rain as we were tearing down Sunday night

Overall it was a success! More than anything I enjoyed getting to spend time with Leigh Patterson, who I don't often get to see because she lives in Austin, Texas. Important to mention too: it was so nice meeting all of you who so kindly stopped by to introduce yourselves, to say hello, or simply talk flowers with me. Gosh I was so stoked! Still am, actually...