Saturday, February 18, 2012

Mexico here we come...

Friends, Elijah and I are off to Mexico for a week! Have a wonderful weekend*

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Valentine's LOVE

Hello friends! How was your Valentine's Day? I had such a wonderful day filled with a lot of love and smiles. Such lovely people stopping in to pick up a little wild bouquet and friends coming in to support and hang out with me over some coffee to little wee ones picking out wildflowers for their mamas. It was so dear, really, the entire day. I am so grateful. I sold out by 6pm! Have more of a peek here.

*** A GIANT thank you to Marta Teegan + Robert Stelzner of COOKBOOK! ***

***and another heartfelt thank you to all my friends + family who showed up to support me or did a post on their blogs (you know who you are). It means the world to me and if I can't put a smile on your hearts, then really what's the point? SO much love to you***


Sunday, February 12, 2012

Good Wildly Things


Hi friends! So I'm going to be selling pesticide-free wildflowers this Tuesday:
February 14th, from 10am-6pm at the lovely grocer COOKBOOK 1549 Echo Park Blvd.
Spencer Studio limited edition Valentine's cards

Lauren made a truly delicately winsome little bunch of cards especially for Valentine's Day! Pretty grand and spectacular! Come treat yourself and/or your sweetheart(s). Have a coffee and hang with me + my wild bunch. I look forward to meeting you. COME!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Valentine's Day Wildflowers!

february 14th

No.2 Gallery 1551 ECHO PARK BLVD.

* * * *

Hi! I'm so excited and so honored to get a small Valentine's Day pop-up wildflower shop at Cookbook's No.2 gallery space in Echo Park! Owners Marta and Robert are graciously going to let me set up shop to sell some pesticide-free wildflowers. Come on by and see me. Say hi and stay for a chat. Show me some pictures. Bring your dog(s). Take some wildflowers with you! I can't wait! A sincere and heartfelt thank you so much to you both, Marta & Robert*

the above picture is from Amy Merrick! yes, I know, she is amazing!
(via Didi)*

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Katherine Wolkoff

I just discovered Katherine Wolkoff's work and after going through her website and images several times, I am taken by not only her subject matter but also by her graceful capture of light! Beautiful! Case in point: the two photos I posted are from a series titled Deer Beds...! Be still our hearts, right? Simple, clever, and breathtaking subject, no? So inspiring.

(a little note and thank you to Didi, whose blogs make my heart swoon and filled with wanderlust! I find a great deal of wonderful reads, inspirations, and photography from this little burbling well of a blog so go and spend some time with her too. Beware, she's gonna make you want to go to Italy)*

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Jorge Diezma

Jorge Diezma is a modern day master of chiaroscuro. When I was introduced to his work I was completely mesmerized by his dramatic tonal contrasts conveyed through his observation and painting of light, or lack there of. I enjoy studying his work and feel that it is something that every artist should minutely comprehend: the importance of light. Whether you are a painter, photographer, interior designer, architect, illustrator, ceramicist, sculptor, etc., light plays such a paramount role. Check out more of Jorge's work here.

My final series for my black and white photography class this past winter was precisely on this subject. I appreciate chiaroscuro so much in photography, especially black and white film. I've spent a lot of time studying it. I'll have to share my final photos with you soon...

(thank you Robert for sharing him with me)*

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Totally stole this from lovely Lauren. But then again, how could I not? It's time to start planting and bringing new life to my sleepy winter garden!

*Happy Sunday*

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Been working on gold-leafing some of my dried flowers and leaves. Oh, and a couple of shark teeth too just for good measure ;)