Saturday, July 25, 2015



OK, remember the post before last where I mentioned finding balance? Well one of the themes that keeps recurring (naturally) is one of children. Because of Aele I am so much more aware of time, of what matters, and of how I can contribute in an even bigger way. I keep thinking of CUBS to LILIES; an extension of TTL but all to do with children. I want to share all the things that I am discovering being Aele's mama and how she is teaching me to dive even deeper within my work. So while this gentle yet steadfast notion unfolds (at the only pace it can), allow me to share a workshop that Alana and I did for children for Mother's Day this year.  

Set up in a spacious and airy greenhouse, we set up a table for the eleven kids who eagerly participated in our 2-part workshop. The first half was creating cards for their moms using earth friendly, non-toxic watercolors. After a brief picnic lunch under the big eucalyptus trees, the children continued with the second half of our workshop: creating floral crowns for their mother's to wear on Mother's Day! It was such a sweet, heartfelt workshop! The children loved every minute of it and their joy was infectious. It felt pretty special to share an experience like this with these young spirits. 

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