Wednesday, June 19, 2013

pic by lauren spencer king

Dream jobs come and flow and I have to say, I keep getting asked to create pieces that push me so far out of my orbit that the process itself of creation becomes very much a part of my piece. The requests usually comes from my dear friend/director/visionaire/artist and insanely talented Claire Cottrell. Her visions for her very specific worlds are always so otherworldly yet familiar. Her precise parameters are discussed, examined, explored and finally defined and it is usually during this moment in an otherwise calm meeting that she shakes me up with so much inspiration until I'm ready to explode and then she sets me free and I create. It just flows. I soar. Usually in the last wee moments before a piece is due.

My infinite thanks and gratitude to you Claire Cottrell for always believing in me and asking me for the moon and the stars. It is because of you that these pieces are birthed and seen. xxxx

* I want Lauren, Elijah, Blake and Leo to know how much they too contribute to not only the day-of shoot but to my every day creations. You keep me inspired.


  1. sounds like you make an awesome team
    so happy for you
    and this flower crown is really spectacular!