Wednesday, October 3, 2012

shoot I can't remember where I got you know?

Up to my neck in work right now. Homework, photography work, and as of late, farm-work: two vet appointments and three pets later! Sheesh. All is well again now (thannnk goodness).

Here's a thought: wouldn't it be genius if our LA freeways could be lined with plants like this portion of this great sidewalk taken somewhere in Japan? The plants would help clean up our air and it would look so much nicer on our ways to wherever we were going. I'm sure that road rage would drop a bit too. Anyways, just a thought. More like a wish. Goodnight*


  1. Hello Lili! Yes, I am sure for that. I am very familiar with this scene in Japan!

  2. yes! you are so right!
    when i see bougainvillea on the side of the road it ALWAY lifts my spirits! to see a POP of hot pink in the middle of all of that drab and dirty grey... lovely.
    really - a pop of pin just about anywhere does wonders for my soul (as you pointed out in my studio last night ;)


  3. ahhhh japan - they always have the right idea, a lot of city balanced with a lot of country ( ;
    wait, who got sick and what happened? tell em' i said to feel better girlies!