Saturday, April 30, 2011

Looks like we're headed into a very hot weekend here in Los Angeles. Last year, the day after our ceremony, we had a lazy brunch by the lake and ate all of our wedding leftovers & drank rose & shared day-after-wedding laughs and stories with friends and family. It was pretty hot out that day and I decided to get all my friends in the lake! It took some convincing because my uncle had a fish with insane scary jaws on his fireplace mantle that he had fished from the exact lake that I wanted everybody to get it! Some of my city friends had never jumped into a lake in the middle of a forest before. So, Elijah and I took the first jump, and much to my delight, everyone followed soon after! It was the best swim I have ever shared with friends! More here.

*side-note: I did check with my uncle first to make sure that the scary fireplace mantle fish wasn't aggressive and that there wouldn't be anything that would bite before we all went in. He let out a huge gregarious laugh before reassuring me that no, it wasn't dangerous to swim in the lake.

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