Tuesday, December 21, 2010

DIY Christmas Wreath!!

1.) your supply checklist: branches, wire, tree clippings (free at any Christmas tree lot), and whatever else you might like to put in it. i went on an adventure-hunting-for-things-to-put-in-my-wreath walk with v.v. and gathered a bunch of dried magnolia buds

2.) pic of my supplies

3.) getting there with real cranberry garland as my finishing touch!

4.) Merry Christmas to Scott & the lovely Elf family, who so kindly hung my wreath in their window (sorry my pic is so dark)

Hi friends! So the most amazing restaurant in Los Angeles, Elf Café, asked me to make them a wreath to hang in their window! This is my step by step guide. I used the wire to tie the tree clippings onto my branch skeleton, and made sure that I went in a clockwise manner as I filled up my wreath. Once that was done (about 20 min) I added my little arsenal of nature-y things from my morning walk with V.V. To finish it off, I wrapped my already made cranberry garland (DIY coming up next) and voila! A beautiful, nature-filled wreath that smells incredible! We even added lights at the restaurant when we hung it so that it glows in the window!

*(you can get the exact branches already beautifully twisted into shape at any Michaels Art & Craft store for as little as $.75 - 20.00)

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