Monday, March 8, 2010

DIY Shelter-Kit (aka: a new home)

Have you seen one of these prefabricated houses? I just about fell off my chair. Up above are pictures of different little kit-homes from different companies that you can order from and they send you a kit to build it! To make things even cooler, they're quite green. Most are made of recycled aluminum and wood, have features such as solar panels and insulating glass and you can even go above and beyond and have energy-efficient appliances! Or you can keep it super minimum and just have a beautiful space carved into nature with a chair and a good book. All you need is a nice plot of land and you can build yourself a home away from home or a little cabin in the woods for a retreat for a fraction of the price of a factory built home (the basic kit models start at roughly $10,000)!

Check here, here and here for ideas, floor plans & prices.

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