Sunday, October 11, 2009

Books as Centerpieces?

 OK, so I'm in the thoughts of using old books as centerpieces. Still in the process of working it through so that it looks elegant and sophisticated, but mostly so that it could stand on it's own on a huge table or credenza, or heck, over a fireplace even? 

I really wish that computer screens had a scratch n' sniff feature because I really want to share with you the celestial scent these beauties give off. Absolutely lovely. Absolutely intoxicating.

One more thing. If you need a 20 second visual vacation or, if you're anything like me and resisting the onset of the cold weather a bit, have a peek at this: peek-a-boo.

I wish everyone a lovely beginning to a wonderful week* 


  1. Oh how lovely! I normally live in Hawaii, but have been in the Washington DC area for the past month or so while my husband is training for a new job. These plumeria blossoms sure are making me miss my home a bit more.

  2. oooooh thanks for sharing their names! i realized that i didn't know what they were called. plumerias are one of my very favorite flowers. truly.

  3. As a bibliophile and flower lover, I'm definitely on board with this idea! Be sure to share more as the concept develops.

  4. I love the idea of books as centrepieces. So very much.